Sunday, February 26, 2017

ARC R8.1 debuts at 2017 Singapore RCMC National Series Round 1

Newly-signed Team ARC Nelson Lee debuting the ARC R8.1 at the round 1 of 2017 Singapore National Series on 26 February 2017. Organized by RCMC, the event was held at the huge outdoor track in PA East Coast Park attracting close to 50 entries in the 1/8th on-road division.

BLITZ TS035 Pre-Cut now available @ Quantum!

BLITZ TS035 now available in pre-cut version which is a direct fit to ARC R8.0 and R8.1. The pre-cut bodyshell is also optimized at 20mm distance between the front lid and the bumper which has been tested and most widely-used position.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Introducing ARC R8.1 1/8th On-Road Racing Car @ Quantum!

The latest version of the ARC 1/8th on-road racing car for 2017 season is ready now, introducing the all-new ARC R8.1. The ARC R8.1 comes with all-new chassis design, all-new anti-roll bar, and many details have been fine-tuned for the ultimate performance.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

ORCA takes 1st Runner-Up at TITC 2017

TITC 2017 was concluded on 19 February 2017 showcasing one of the largest race in Asia. The event was held at the newly-resurfaced track now called the Infinity Addict. Highly contested Open Brushless 13.5T once again saw over 100 entries with multiple TITC 1st Runner-Up Kittipong R. from Team ORCA posing a favorite for winning the class running the newly-released ORCA R32 speedo, ORCA RT motor and ORCA LCG HV Lipo.

A look at the new ORCA Vritra R32 Speedo

The new ORCA R32 speedo is now available. The R32 although looks the same as the VX3, the internal hardware and firmware has been redesigned to make it 4x faster than the VX3! Available in full matte black or orange/black color.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Preorder starts now ARC 8.1 @ Quantum!

The all-new ARC R8.1 is now ready for pre-order. With many new improvement features, the ARC R8.1 is one of the highest performance 1/8th on-road racing car in the market. Expected delivery early March 2017.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nelson Lee joins ARC Factory Team

Multi Singapore National Champion Nelson Lee joins ARC Factory Team to run the ARC R8.0 and BLITZ bodyshell in his upcoming races starting from February 2017. Below is what Lee has to say on his new deal.

Friday, January 27, 2017

BLITZ releases 1/8 Racing Bodyshell Carbon Stiffener now available @ Quantum!

BLITZ introduces the Carbon Stiffener Set for 1/8th Racing Bodyshell. Made from 100% carbon fiber, the stiffener is extremely strong and lightweight and is suitable for BLITZ racing bodyshell and other brand bodyshell.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New ORCA R32 Electronic Speed Control now available for pre-order @ Quantum!

VRITRA R32 designed for competition race, deliver drivers an ultimate driving experience, improved software and hardware for all-condition racing performance. Pre-order starts now with the expected delivery date by mid-Feb 2017.

ORCA Next Generation 3 LiPo 6300mAh 110c HV-ready Battery now in stock @ Quantum!

New HV Generation3 LiPo 6300mAh 7.6V 110C race pack featuring the highest powerful platform to deliver high power racing with HV-ready.

Monday, January 23, 2017

ORCA LiHv-ready Balance Charger/Discharger now in stock @ Quantum!

ORCA present the new balance charger / discharger to date, which brings the powerful 300W and 25Amp output, features touch screen interface compatible the new High Voltage Lithium Batteries charging program, it offer up to 25A charge current and offer the charge graph and cell inter-resistance interface.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

BLITZ GSF-II TQ at the 2016/17 ETS Round 1 in Czech

The first round of the new season Euro Touring Series 2016/2017 saw a fantastic result shown by Blitz bodyshell including ProStockTQ Chritian Donath using Blitz GSF-II in his Tamiya. Three Blitz finished in the A-Main while another three in the B-Main showing a great season ahead in the upcoming ETS rounds.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

ARC R11 2017 Aluminum Chassis now available @ Quantum!

ARC R11 2017 Aluminum Chassis is now available for a direct upgrade for the ARC R11 2017 edition. The 2mm aluminum chassis is specially designed for carpet racing, giving more response and decreasing the tendency of traction roll, hence giving a more consistent and easier drive.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ARC R8.0 1/8 On-Road Nitro Car Kit special promotion @ Quantum!

ARC R8.0 1/8 On-Road Nitro Car Kit is on promotion now at a special price with free delivery! Just last few car kits left in stock, hurry and get your Christmas present early now.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

ARC X-Hard Clutch Spring now available @ Quantum!

ARC releases new X-Hard Clutch Spring for the ARC R8.0 1/8 on-road car. The new spring is the hardest of the ARC clutch spring range. Also suitable to use in all other 1/8 on-road cars.

TITAN 0.9mm x 100mm Length Hex Wrench now available @ Quantum!

Titan releases new tool, the 0.9mm x 100mm Hex Wrench addition to its already extensive tool range.

Andrea Pirani joins ARC Factory Team

Italian ace Andrea Pirani joins ARC factory team to run the ARC R8.0 1/8 on-road car for the 2017 season. Below is what Pirani had to say on his new deal.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Titan Ultra High Speed Cooling Fan 40x40 now in stock @ Quantum!

New from TiTan the ultra high speed motor fan with 1.5 times higher rpm and efficiency in cooling. The 40mm x 40mm fan is suitable to use in 1/10 electric touring cars or similar. Comes with soft 18cm silicone wires, the ultra high speed fan is highly recommended to be powered directly from the 7.4V LiPo battery.

ARC D.J CVD Shaft 40mm now available @ Quantum!

ARC releases the D.J CVD Shaft +1 (40mm) for the R11 2017 which is 1mm longer to use with the wider front suspension block #3 increasing reliability upon impact. Comes in 2pcs/pack

Toni Gruber ARC R8.0 & BLITZ at 2016 Guankou Sunpadow Grand Prix China

Silvio Hachler ARC R8.0 & BLITZ TS035 at 2016 Guankou Sunpadow Grand Prix China

ARC R8.0 & BLITZ TS035 takes podium at 2016 Guankou Sunpadow Xiamen

Another outstanding performance by the Team ARC taking 3rd, 4th and 10th at the hotly contested event at 2016 Guankou Sunpadow RC Grand Prix in Xiamen, China. Despite arriving late one day before the control practise day, Toni Gruber managed to qualified directly into the semis and started from 4th in the main final. Silvio Hachler and Christiano would also qualified from semis started 5th and 9th respectively in the main final. ARC owner and designer, Jones Chu and Steven Pai, just misses out the main final spots despite a hard-fought semis.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mighty Gripper V3 Red official tire addictive for 2016 Guankou Sunpadow

Much awaited 2016 Guankou Sunpadow RC Car Grand Prix will be held in Xiamen, China from 18-20 November 2016. NasaFenrir's partner in China has just announced officially the Mighty Gripper V3 Red as the control tire addictive for the electric classes. Qiangguo Model will be the newly-appointed exclusive distributor of NasaFenrir Mighty Gripper product managing the sales distribution and marketing in China and Macau.